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Production & Entertainment Management

Scorpio Productions is an entertainment management company specializing in music and film based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At Scorpio Productions, passion and entertainment are synonymous.

Scorpio represents and supports individuals including artists, producers, filmmakers, and directors in management and production administration. The carefully curated music and film catalog combines records and projects to deliver universally inclusive entertainment on a large scale. 

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AngelSound Records

  • AngelSound Records, a label under Scorpio Productions, reached the #1 spot on New Music Weekly radio charts nationwide.

  • AngelSound Records affiliated artists and writers have received significant media recognition, with works having been featured in articles by prestigious publications such as Forbes, Galore, and many more.

  • AngelSound Records is a renowned provider of music for film and other projects known for delivering top-notch soundtracks for various media.

  • Artists signed under AngelSound Records have made waves in the entertainment world, including a successful 16-city US tour and opening for major acts like Ariana Grande and Chris Brown, showcasing their talent on a grand stage.

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